Vera Rojman

Starring Vera Rojman as C0D3 PoetVera *danger* RojmanHello, Human. This is Vera RojmanI am me and that's fineme, myself & I

I wish I could provide the information you might be looking for. Instead, I'll just blah.

Vera Rojman with pretty blond braidsBorn in Buenos Aires and raised near Barcelona, I've been dancing with the breeze, embracing uncertainty and strengthening my ability to adapt and start over. This ability is indeed of great advantage in the rapidly changing world we live in, but it comes at a cost: It is hard to be devoted to something when you know it's only temporary.

Speaking of devotion, I wouldn't like to give the impression that I am devoted to nothing: Quite the contrary, actually. I am devoted to learning, to becoming a better person with every single experience and challenge I am faced with, although that is harder to expose and show than other kinds of work.

In spite of the unforgiving storms of change that have shaped my identity, there are some elements that have remained constant, as is my thirst for new forms of expression, new emotional landscapes, and open minded people with whom to share and build different points of view about humanity and technology, about life and death, and about contradictions that are usually not as contradicting as they seem.

Vera Rojman being a drama queen

Back to the concrete, I could say I've been educated in the city of Barcelona, first Escola Massana (Arts) and later UPC School (Video Games), but where I really feel I belong are the wonderful lands of El Vallès, at the other side of Tibidabo. Quoting Pere Quart, "Com el Vallès no hi ha res".

The past three years I've worked coding website servers, either with Ruby on Rails or Express on NodeJS. Although I can have fun in doing almost any kind of creative task, I feel I have much more to offerVera Rojman coding than writing the lines that send email newsletters as a backgound job. Having come to terms with this quite recently, I am now on a quest to find what I can do in exchange for money that brings me joy and allows me to squeeze all of my creative power.

I could sum it up with these three epic questions:

What is your name? Vera Rojman

What is your quest? To find what it is that can bring me both joy and money.

Vera Rojman is a strange personWhat is the average air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? I wouldn't have replied as quickly and as smartly as King Arthur, instead I would probably have gone with "Ehhh... dunno" and would have been thrown over the bridge :( luckily I am not in that movie and I've actually never been asked that question.

Obviously, this page will be forever WIP as long as I am not RIP so please if you have any questions regarding my existence please address them to me via email or European Swallow Messaging.

Thanks for reading and viva la vida loca.

Vera Rojman loves Black Books