Vera Rojman


Life is short. So is our attention span these days. Gotta live with it. Let me introduce myself.

I create therefore I am oops that sounds way too pretentious. I'll just go with:

Hi hey there I like to make things because... Well, because. Maybe because I think there are gazillions of possible universes living inside me and I need to share them. Maybe designing and crafting is some sort of an attempt at reproduction that we humans have. Or maybe I like to feel that immense power that in most stories is reserved for godly creatures. Who knows.

I love you I am really thankful that you've dedicated so much of your precious time to read this far. You really deserve a monument or a prize or at least a beer for being able to make sense of such a huge amount of words. Congrats.

Now go have some cake. Oh no, wait. The cake is a lie.